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When shale undergoes metamorphism, it becomes ______________________.
a) slate
b) schist
c) gneiss
d) quartzite

_______________ rocks show different minerals or grains that have been segregated into layers or aligned nonrandomly.
a) Skarn
b) Contact
c) Foliated
d) Regional

A rock that is intermediate between slate and schist is _________________.
a) skarn
b) gneiss
c) phyllite
d) quartzite

The terms foliated and nonfoliated describes the ____________________ of a metamorphic rock.
a) texture
b) location
c) chemistry
d) heat and pressure

Large-scale metamorphism is also known as ______________________ metamorphism.
a) contact
b) thermal
c) regional
d) nonfoliated

What is it called minerals or grains can be forced under stress to line up in a nonrandom orientation?
a) foliation
b) stratifcation
c) crystallization
d) sedimentation

Which of the following is a type of foliated metamorphic rock?
a) skarn
b) schist
c) marble
d) quartzite

What is the main factor that changes rocks during contact metamorphic?
a) heat
b) pressure
c) chemical environment
d) none

Which of these metamorphic rocks is chemically changed the most during metamorphism?
a) slate
b) skarn
c) marble
d) quartzite

Which type of foliated metamorphic rock is coarse-grained and weakly foliated?
a) slate
b) schist
c) gneiss
d) phyllite

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