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A _________ organization is one with fewer levels of management than traditional structures.
a) centralized
b) decentralized
c) matrix
d) flattened

Consistency in products and performance is measured with a:
a) cost standard
b) quantity standard
c) time standard
d) quality standard

Minimum wage was established by the:
a) Fair Labor Standards Act
b) Social Security Act
c) Worker's Compensation
d) Occupational Safety and Health Act

The span of control at the top of an organization is usually ________ at the lower levels.
a) greater than
b) about the same as
c) smaller than
d) there is no span of control at the top of an organization

A supervisor who has vision, never loses sight of their goals, and is able to see the big picture is called a:
a) manager
b) boss
c) leader
d) all of these

The first step in processing applicants for a job is:
a) Interviewing the applicants
b) Reviewing applications to eliminate unqualified applicants
c) Checking an applicant's references
d) Administering knowledge and skills tests

Which of the following refers to a commitment of excellence?
a) GDP
b) TQM
d) T&I

The process of accomplishing the goals of an organization through effective use of people and other resources is:
a) management
b) planning
c) implementing
d) organizing

A group of people who cooperate to achieve a common goal is:
a) a department
b) a quality circle
c) management
d) a work team

The management style that believes in running everything themselves, making decisions by themselves, and controlling their employees using fear and intimidation is called:
a) Free-rein
b) Autocratic
c) Democratic
d) None of these

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