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What is not a type of sedimentary rock?
a) organic
b) chemical
c) extrusive
d) fragmental (clastic)

What is the layering of sediments in sedimentary rock called?
a) siltation
b) foliation
c) stractification
d) conglomerate

What is not an example of a fragmental sedimentary rock?
a) shale
b) gneiss
c) sandstone
d) conglomerate

The texture of a sedimentary rock is not described by what feature of its particles?
a) size
b) shape
c) density
d) arrangement

If you found some sandstone in an ancient river bed, which of these conditions at the time that the sandstone was formed would be easiest to understand?
a) what the climate was like
b) how old the particles were
c) how fast the river was flowing
d) when the particles were deposited

How are organic sedimentary rocks different from other sedimentary rocks?
a) They are formed from lava
b) They are made up of once-living things, like shells
c) They are formed from the fragments of worn-down rocks
d) They are made from chemical reactions or by evaporation

What is not a common organic sedimentary rock?
a) coal
b) chert
c) limestone
d) sandstone

While looking at a rock under a microscope you observed bits of shell. What organic sedimentary rock might you have been looking at?
a) coal
b) chert
c) quartz
d) limestone

Which rock cannot be found as a chemical sedimentary rock?
a) chert
b) limestone
c) sandstone
d) rock gypsum

What sedimentary rock is formed by evaporation of seawater?
a) chert
b) shale
c) halite
d) sandstone

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