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Each document contains the ___, current zoom percentage, and the color mode in use.
a) Drive name
b) File name
c) History status
d) FIle percentage

A ___ is basically a page or multiple pages of photos that are displayed as a series of thumbnails.
a) Contact Layer
b) Contact Sheet
c) Proof Sheet
d) Photo Gallery

To create a new file in PhotoShop, you can press ____.
a) Ctrl + S
b) Ctrl + O
c) Ctrl + F
d) Ctrl + N

Vector graphics are made up of points, lines, and ___ defined curves.
a) Geometrically
b) Algebraically
c) Mathematically
d) Physically

You can take a __ current state of the History Panel by clicking the Snapshot icon at the bottom of the panel.
a) Picture
b) History
c) Snapshot
d) Snapchat

The ___ panel provides all the setting you need for further manipulating a 3D model.
a) 2D
b) 3D
c) 4D
d) flat image

When you select an image in Adobe ___, you can see which keywords have been assigned in the Keywords Panel.
a) Photoshop
b) Illustrator
c) Bridge
d) InDesign

CMYK images are made up of four channels: magenta, cyan, yellow, and ___.
a) Black
b) Brown
c) Red
d) Blue

___ images are made up of three channels of information: red, blue, and green.
b) B & W
c) RGB
d) TNT

The Dodge Tool
a) desaturates the image
b) lightens the image
c) darkens an image
d) does not change the image

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