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What should be taken into consideration when preparing images for an education audience of students, ages 5-11?
a) What the target audience wants
b) Entertaining and colorful images
c) Whether the images are age appropriate
d) Parental concerns and requests

When resizing and image and increasing the number of pixels, which command enables you to change the number of pixels in the image size?
a) Image Size > Resample image
b) Image Size > Constrain proportions
c) Image Size > Resolution
d) Image > Adjustments

Which color mode is most commonly used for displaying color images on a computer monitor?
a) Grayscale
b) sRGB
d) RGB

Which picture element is changed when editing a raster image?
a) Column
b) Shape
c) Pixel
d) Point

Which method enables you to scale and rotate an image?
a) Edit > Transform
b) Image > Trim
c) Image > Rotate Canvas
d) Image > Adjustments

What function do the Magic Wand Tool, Lasso Tool, and Rectangular Marquee Tool have in common?
a) Feathering
b) Selecting
c) Pasting
d) Previewing

To generate a list of keyboard shortcuts avaliable in Photoshop, go to the ___ menu and chose Keyboard Shortcuts.
a) File
b) Edit
c) Window
d) Select

JPEG, PNG, andf GIF formats are desgined to _____ the size of an image so that it can be quickly loaded on a web page.
a) Enlarge
b) Reduce
c) Altar as needed
d) Does not change

The ____ command found in the File Menu always saves a copy of the file leaving an original image in tact.
a) Save for Web & Devices
b) Save As
c) Save
d) Edit

To open a file that already exists, you cna chose File > Open or Ctrl + O. In the Open dialog box, you can choose _____.
a) One file
b) Multiple files
c) A & B
d) No files

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