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A Splendid Variety Of Radicals To Tickle Your Fancy. Scratch Paper And A Pencil Are Highly Recommended.[print questions]

Solve 5^3
a) 15
b) 125
c) 25
d) -5

Solve 2^-6
a) 1/64
b) 12
c) -12
d) 64

Solve (1/3)^-4
a) 1/12
b) 1/81
c) 12
d) 81

Simplify (5x^3y^6)^3
a) 125xy^54
b) 15(x^27)(y^216)
c) 125(x^9)(y^18)
d) 25(x^9)(y^18)

Simplify (-3a^4b^3)(-4a^2b^5)
a) 12(a^6)(b^8)
b) -12(a^8)(b^15)
c) 12(a^8)(b^15)
d) -12(a^6)(b^8)

Simplify 8^2/3
a) 2 2/3
b) 5 1/3
c) 4
d) 12

Simplify (7^e-4)(7^e+4)
a) 49
b) 7^2e
c) 49^2e
d) 7^e^2+4e-4e-16

SImpify 81^3/4
a) 9
b) 108
c) 60 3/4
d) 27

Simplify (44z^4x^3y^7)^0/55z^3x^-2
a) x^2/55z^3
b) 11z3x^2
c) 1/55(z^-3)(x^2)
d) 1/55z^3x^-2

(rs)^x is equal to
a) rs^x
b) 2r2s
c) (r^x)(s^x)
d) (2r^x)(2s^x)

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