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To select individual parts of a shape, which tool would you use?
a) Path Selection Tool
b) Move Tool
c) Direct Path Selection Tool
d) Direct Selection Tool

Double Clicking the layer thumbnail of a type layer
a) Selects all the text on that layer
b) Lets you rename the layer
c) Duplicates the layer
d) Open the layer options dialog box

Alt clicking on the eye icon in the layer palette next to a layer
a) Hide the layer
b) Hides all the other layers
c) Deletes the layers
d) Locks the layer

To make a perfect circle with the Elliptical Marquee Tool, which key do you need to hold down whille drawing the election?
a) Spacebar
b) Ctrl
c) Alt
d) Shift

To subtract from an active selection, which key would you hold down while using any of the selection tools?
a) Shift
b) Alt
c) Backspace
d) Ctrl

By default, the red area in Quick Mask mode indicares the area of the image that is
a) Selected
b) Not selected
c) Transparent
d) Out of Gamut

To move type along the path it was placed on, you need to use which tool?
a) Horizontal Type Tool
b) Vertical Type Tool
c) Move Tool
d) Path Selection Tool

To move a selection while drawing it, hold down which key
a) Shift
b) Alt
c) Spacebar
d) Ctrl

How many history states does Photoshop remember by default?
a) 5
b) 20
c) 50
d) 100

To disable hyphenation in paragraph text, which panel would you use?
a) Styles
b) Paragraph
c) Layers
d) Character

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