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The Coriolis effect is caused by
a) the rotation of the Earth
b) the influence of a point in space
c) the Earth's currents
d) none of the answers are correct

The Coriolis effect tends to influence the wind by giving it an
a) circular flow pattern
b) an unpredictable flow pattern
c) north south flow pattern
d) none of the answers are correct

An atmosphereic circulation cell is a distinct air mass that has the same air flow pattern as all the other cells, but different weather
a) False
b) True

The trade winds are found between ______ and ______ degrees lattitude
a) 0 and 30
b) 30 and 60
c) 0 and 60

The trade winds blow _____________
a) toward the equator
b) toward the poles

The westerlies are found betwwen ______ and _____ degrees latitude
a) 30 and 60
b) 0 and 30
c) 0 and 60

Westerlies blow _______________
a) toward the poles
b) toward the equator

The _____________ equator is at 0 degrees latitude
a) geographic
c) meterologic

The ______________ equator is an imaginary line marking the temperature equilibrium between the 2 hemispheres.
a) ITCZ/meteorlogical
c) geographic

Choose the false statement. Most of the Earth's major deserts occur _______________.
a) only on the geographic equator
b) at about 30 degrees latitude
c) where the vertical airflow is downward
d) where the Hadley and Ferrel cells meet

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