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Which is the molar mass of the element Calcium?
a) 20 g/mol
b) 39.1 g/mol
c) 40.1 g/mol
d) 20.2 g/mol

Which is the correct molar mass for the compound FeSO4?
a) 103.9 g/mol
b) 151.9 g/mol
c) 415.4 g/mol
d) 247.9 g/mol

Which is the percent composition of bromine in the compound NaBr?
a) 81.6%
b) 79.9%
c) 84.1%
d) 77.7%

Which term is described as the lowest whole-number ratio of elements in a compound?
a) hydrate
b) molecular formula
c) empirical formula
d) percent composition

In which sample are there more atoms present: 15 g of magnesium (Mg) or 15 g of manganese (Mn)?
a) Mg
b) Mn
c) Both contain same number of atoms
d) Neither

How many molecules are in 3.6 grams of NaCl?
a) 0.06
b) 1.0 X 10^21
c) 1.3 x 10^26
d) 3.7 x 10^22

What is the chemical formula a compound with an empirical formula of C4H3O and a molar mass of 268 g/mol?
a) C16H12O4
b) C6H10O8
c) C22H22N4O2
d) C12H12N12O12

What is the volume of 0.6 mol of nitrogen at 74.2 kPa and 85ÂșC?
a) 17.1 L
b) 19.3 L
c) 22.8 L
d) 24.1 L

Atoms form bonds in such a way as to produce the electron configuration of a noble gas.
a) True
b) False

In general, the vast majority of ionic compounds are liquids at room temperature.
a) True
b) False

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