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Which type of reaction involves one element and one compound reacting?
a) decomposition
b) synthesis
c) single replacement
d) double replacement

Which types of reactions are essentially opposites of one another?
a) combustion and synthesis
b) synthesis and decomposition
c) synthesis and single replacement
d) single replacement and double replacement

How many total atoms are in 3Na2SO4?
a) 21
b) 18
c) 24
d) 10

The atoms of an element in Group 2 are _____ atoms of a Group 13 element in the same period.
a) larger than
b) impossible to compare with
c) the same size as
d) smaller than

The most unreactive group of elements is the _____.
a) halogens
b) transition elements
c) alkali metals
d) noble gases

Which metalloid is in the fourth period and the same group as Carbon?
a) Silicon
b) Boron
c) Tin
d) Germanium

Methane consists of a single carbon atom bonded to four hydrogen atoms. What is the shape of the methane molecule?
a) triangular
b) triangular pyramidal
c) tetrahedral
d) square

A metal that can be hammered or rolled into thin sheets is said to be ____________________.
a) malleable
b) shiny
c) ductile
d) conductive

The volume of a 24.0-g sample of methane gas is 22.8 L at 40.0°C and 4.00 atm. What will its volume be at 68.0°C and 4.00 atm?
a) 24.8 L
b) 38.7 L
c) 20.9 L
d) 40.8 L

A sample of neon gas occupies a volume of 752 mL at 25°C. What volume will the gas occupy at 50°C if the pressure remains constant?
a) 8150 mL
b) 204 mL
c) 408 mL
d) 815 mL

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