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What do men not wear in Afghanistan?
a) Burkas
b) Blue shirts
c) Colorful clothes
d) Baggy pants

What does Afghanistan clothing have in common with US clothing?
a) Both countries wear sandals.
b) Both countries were sneakers
c) Both countries wear cowboy boots
d) Both countries wear hiking boots

What do ladies wear in Afghanistan?
a) Charders
b) Tank tops
c) Jeans
d) Socks with sandals

What meat is illegal in Afghanistan?
a) Pork
b) Lamb
c) Beef
d) Chicken

What is the most common food eaten in Afghanistan?
a) Cheese and stew
b) Pork
c) Eggs
d) Lamb stew

What drink is illegal in Afghanistan?
a) Soda
b) Tea
c) Water
d) Orange juice

What type of bread is used to scoop up soup?
a) Naan
b) Italian herbs and cheese loaf
c) Wheat bread
d) Hot dog buns

What types of foods are eaten alone?
a) Eggs, yogurt and mint
b) Grilled cheese, cucumbers and stew
c) Bread, stew and rice
d) Beef, naan and cheese

What clothing do you girls wear to school?
a) Same as boys
b) Same as men
c) Same as women
d) Charders

What type of food is homemade?
a) Yogurt
b) Soda
c) Hamburgers
d) Port

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