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In historical fiction, what is the most important literary element?
a) conflict
b) setting
c) character
d) resolution

Usually the event or time period takes place how many years in the past?
a) 10
b) 20
c) 30
d) 40

Historical fiction books may have characters who are either _______ or who actually lived during the time period.
a) imaginary
b) conflicts
c) humorous
d) none of the above

The Cay is an example of historical fiction because it takes place during
a) The Great Depression
b) The Korean War
c) The Civil War
d) World War II

Phillip enjoyed the rain because
a) they needed fresh water
b) it was something he could hear and feel, not something he must see
c) Stew Cat curled up next to him
d) He neded a bath

Why does Timothy change the subject when Phillip asks him about his eyes?
a) He knows Phillip will always be blind.
b) He is being careful not to make Phillip worry.
c) He doesn't care about Phillip's eyes.
d) He has too much to do.

Phillip began to change the day Timothy hit him. How did he change?
a) Phillip started hating Timothy.
b) Phillip thought black people were ugly and stupid.
c) Phillip wanted Timothy to be his friend.

Why did Timothy hit Phillip?
a) Phillip untied the raft.
b) Phillip ran away fromt he hut.
c) Phillip threw the palm fibers at Timothy and called him an ugly black man that can't spell.

How does Phillip feel when he learns that Timothy can't spell.
a) foolish
b) superior
c) brave
d) smart

Phillip had to help Timothy with the rocks because
a) Timothy can't spell
b) The rocks were heavy
c) Timothy hurt his back
d) Timothy hurt his arm

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