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How does Phillip's mother feel about Curacao? How do you know?
a) She loves it and you know because she is a tour guide.
b) She likes it ok because that's where her family lives.
c) She has never liked it because she hates the smell of gas and all the black people.
d) She wants to leave because she got a new job.

The main problem Phillip and Timothy face in the novel is
a) sharks circling their raft
b) survival on a deserted island
c) a lack of food and fresh water
d) the threat of hurricanes

A major external conflict in the story is
a) World War II
b) A German torpedo
c) A hurricane
d) All of the Above

Phillip's main internal conflict is
a) anger at his mother
b) fear of the ocean
c) prejudice against black people
d) fear of being alone

Phillip and Henrick
a) were natives of Curacao
b) were both from America
c) were both from the Netherlands
d) came to Curacao form different countries

The refinery stopped producing oil and gas because
a) the oil rig had been torpedoed by the German submarines
b) all the workers left Curacao to the safety of the main land
c) The Chinese refused to sail without naval escorts
d) the crude oil could not be harvested without electrical power.

How did Phillip react to being blind?
a) He hit Timothy
b) He felt a great pain in his head.
c) He quietly accepted it.

How was Phillip able to see?
a) Timothy told him what he saw.
b) He rubbed salt water in his eyes.
c) Through the crack in his eye lids.

Where was the island that Timothy found?
a) Timothy wasn't sure
b) Near Jamaica
c) It was one of the Cayman Islands

What bad news did Timothy tell Phillip?
a) The sharks were still swimming around the island.
b) That they were not in a boat or airplane path.
c) That he thought their island may be surrounded by coral.

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