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In Publisher which is considered to be the largest text in the publication
a) Header
b) Headline
c) Title
d) Top

In MS Publisher what is the feature that restores your work in the event of a system failure?
a) AutoRecover
b) AutoRestore
c) AutoReturn
d) AutoSave

What is the name of the default view in Publisher?
a) Master Page View
b) Normal View
c) Publication view
d) Two-Page spread view

What is the name of a single page announcements that announce personal, business, or other messages?
a) Document
b) Handout
c) Flyer
d) Letter

What is created in Publisher to clearly identify the purpose of the the flyer usually in large, bold letters?
a) Tagline
b) Attention getter
c) List
d) Headline

The tool that hekps you through the design process by giving you publication options and may appear as a form.
a) Design Format
b) Document
c) Scheme
d) Template

When selecting a new file, what is the gallery of small images in the backstage view called?
a) Thumbnails
b) Pics
c) Icons
d) Clips

What is a set of colors that complement each other when used in the same publication referred to?
a) Design scheme
b) Template
c) Color scheme
d) Font scheme

Defined set of typefaces associated with a publication are called?
a) Design scheme
b) Template
c) Color scheme
d) Font scheme

What area allows you to choose a color scheme or font scheme when selecting a template in the backstage view
a) Design
b) Style
c) Customize
d) Properties

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