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What percent of Afghans speak Pashto?
a) 35%
b) 75%
c) 99%
d) 15%

What is the main language spoken in Afghanistan?
a) Dari
b) Pashto
c) Spanish
d) English

What is the official language of the Paghtons?
a) Pashto
b) Dari
c) Poshto and Dari
d) Balucchi

What is the alphabet written in?
a) Arabic
b) Dari
c) Pashto
d) Spanish

What percent of people speak Baluchi, Pashto and Nuristami?
a) 11%
b) 50%
c) 70%
d) 12%

When was Pashto declared the official language for Pashtuns?
a) During the reign of Shan
b) 1877
c) 1800
d) 1860

Their alphabet looks like...
a) Symbols
b) English
c) Spanish
d) Chinese

What do people of the United State do that people on Afghanistan do not?
a) Speak englsih
b) Eat spicy food
c) Read newspapers
d) Fly kites

Besides Dari and Pashto what other language is spoken in Afghanistan?
a) Farsi
b) Pashori
c) Kiksi
d) Derton

Who many official languages are spoken in Afghanistan?
a) 3
b) 5
c) 19
d) 26

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