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Setting that refers to how text is positioned
a) crop
b) block style
c) auto complete
d) alignment

A command that automatically completes the text of the current date, day of the week, and month.
a) AutoCorrect
b) AutoComplete
c) Spell Check
d) Grammar Check

A feature that replaces commonly misspelled words with the correct spelling or replaces symbols and abbreviations with specific text strings.
a) AutoCorrect
b) AutoComplete
c) Spell Check
d) Grammar Check

A tool that offers quick access to commands for performing many fi le management tasks all displayed in a single navigation pane that can be customized to meet users’ needs.
a) Home ribbon
b) Insert ribbon
c) Backstage View
d) Document Properties

Shaded blocks of text used for comments appearing on the right side of the document.
a) balloons
b) text box
c) badges
d) dialog box

Built-in reusable content such as text, graphics,and objects that can be easily managed and inserted in a document for a quick format.
a) ballons
b) character
c) endnote
d) building blocks

A style that is applied to individual characters or words that users have selected.
a) character
b) character styles
c) text effects
d) WordArt

An instruction users give Word by clicking a button or entering information into a command box.
a) command
b) content controls
c) AutoComplete
d) AutoCorrect

Reduces the size of an object.
a) cut
b) paste
c) crop
d) compress

A file that contains information to be merged in the main document during a mail merge.
a) database
b) embedded object
c) data source
d) menu

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