Herat And Kabul Afghanistan--Hammond Question Preview (ID: 15160)

Research Inspired By The Book The Breadwinner By Deborah Ellis.[print questions]

What type of citizens live in Kabul
a) Mongol People
b) People from America
c) Chinese People
d) Japanest People

What is anothe name for the city of Herat?
a) Peari-Knoro-son
b) India
c) Egypt
d) Russia

Who old is Kabul?
a) 3,000 years old
b) 7,000 years old
c) 100 years old
d) 500 years old

What is the third largest city in Afghanistan?
a) Herat
b) Kabul
c) Moscow
d) Naguer

When was the Kabul museum built?
a) 1920
b) 1820
c) 1957
d) 2001

What city is considered to be the most beautiful city in Afghanistan?
a) Herat
b) Kabul
c) Denver
d) Orlando

Kabul is...
a) A tourist attraction
b) An amusement park
c) A restaurant
d) A school

What city is in Western Afghanistan?
a) Herat
b) Kabul
c) Nashville
d) Tallahassie

What is the capital of Afghanistan?
a) Kabul
b) Herat
c) Boise
d) Austin

What was Kabul made the capital?
a) 1757
b) 1899
c) 1999
d) 1857

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