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This word means living in a city.
a) rural
b) city-state
c) urban
d) empire

This word means living in the country side.
a) rural
b) city-state
c) empire
d) urban

This word means a land with different territories and peoples under a singel rule.
a) urban
b) rural
c) empire
d) city-state

Who was the first to bring Mesopotamia under one rule?
a) Sargon
b) Ur-Zababa
c) Soloman
d) Menes

How did the Sumerians protect themselves from other societies?
a) they threw rocks at them
b) they built strong, thick walls around thier cities
c) they had the women and children to fight
d) they had the Gods to put a spell on them

Where is Mesopotamia located?
a) between the Eupharates River and the Red Sea
b) between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea
c) between the Dead Sea and the Nile River
d) between the Tigris and Euphrates river

This is a mixture of rich soil and tiny rocks
a) silt
b) irrigation
c) surplus
d) Fertile Crescent

This word means between two rivers.
a) Fretile Crescent
b) silt
c) Mesopotamia
d) canals

How did the Sumerians control the water?
a) they used buckets to pour water into the river
b) They dug canals
c) they built more houses
d) they dug holes

Since irrigation made farmers more productive, what effect did it have on the civilization?
a) New occupations were developed
b) laws and governemts were developed
c) large projects were developed
d) all the above

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