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What is NOT a way that a mineral can be formed?
a) in a laboratory
b) in a naturally-occurring chemical reaction
c) during crystallization by magma
d) by evaporation

What is NOT a property of a mineral?
a) It is organic
b) It is homogenous
c) It has a crystalline form
d) It is a solid element or compound

What is a crystal?
a) A type of rock
b) The smallest unit of an element
c) An artificial, decorative substance
d) A solid made of atoms arranged in an orderly fashion

What is NOT an example of a mineral?
a) Gold
b) Mica
c) Steel
d) Quartz

What is the relationship between a mineral and a rock?
a) They are the exact same thing
b) A mineral is a building block of rocks
c) Minerals are only silicates wile rocks are non silicates
d) A rock is always man-made while a mineral is naturally occurring

What is one of the better ways to identify most minerals?
a) looking at the color
b) checking for magnetism
c) determining if it is radioactive
d) using the Mohs scale of hardness

What are two main types of luster?
a) dense and porous
b) coarse and smooth
c) metallic and nonmetallic
d) striated and non-striated

What is the name for the color of the powder left behind when a mineral is rubbed across a hard surface?
a) luster
b) streak
c) tenacity
d) fracture

Which is NOT a type of fracture?
a) earthy
b) perfect
c) splintery
d) conchoidal

Which type of crystal system is also known as cubic, includes diamonds, and has three axes of symmetry that are at right angles to each other?
a) triclinic
b) isometric
c) tetragonal
d) monoclinic

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