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All of the following were the main allied powers in WWI except?
a) Great Britain.
b) Ottoman Empire.
c) Italy.
d) Russia.

The United States did not join the League of Nations because
a) it would cost too much money to join.
b) it would interfer with the Treaty of Versailles.
c) It would cause instablity and possibly lead to another war.
d) they did not want to be dragged into European affairs.

This made it illegal to engage in public criticism of the war, gov't policy towards the war, the draft, etc
a) Espionage and Sedition Acts.
b) The War Powers Act.
c) The Treaty of Versailles.
d) McCarthyism.

All of the following were reasons the United States entered WWI except?
a) Zimmerman Note
b) Support for democractic gov'ts
c) Unrescritive sub warfare (Lusitania)
d) Invasion of Poland.

What were some gains made by women during WWI
a) Equal pay for equal work.
b) Start of the women's rights movement.
c) Increased support for the 19th amendment - women's right to vote.
d) Acceptance as full memebers in the U.S. military.

What was one result of the Treaty of Versailles?
a) Blamed the war on Germany and made them pay war reparations.
b) Took land from France and gave it to Britain.
c) Blamed the war on Italy.
d) Allowed Germany to keep their military.

All of the following were causes of WWI except?
a) Imperialism.
b) Invasion of Poland.
c) Nationalism.
d) Alliance System

All of the following were part of the Central Powers except?
a) Germany.
b) Austria-Hungary.
c) Ottoman Empire.
d) Italy.

The was created after WWI in an attempt to avoid another major world war.
a) North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
b) The League of Nations.
c) Warsaw Pact
d) The United League.

The Selective Service Act was....
a) the segregation of troops.
b) first peace time draft where men ages 18 to 35 were required to register for military service.
c) a bill that allowed women to fight in combat situations.
d) the abolishment of the draft.

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