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To start creating a formula in the cell of a spreadsheet:
a) type the word formula
b) double click the cell
c) right click in the cell
d) type the = sign

You create graphs from spreadsheet tables in order:
a) to quickly comprehend information presented
b) none of the above
c) to show how tech savvy you are
d) to make the spreadsheet look cool

If you highlight just the numbers in a table and not the headings:
a) your graph that is created will contain the headings
b) you cannot create a graph
c) your graph will not have labels or headings
d) your graph will be the same as if you highlight both the numbers and headings

Formulas contained within spreadsheets:
a) are useful when re-using the spreadsheet with updated information
b) all the above
c) can be used with the sum, average, and ranking operations
d) can be very helpful when working with a large number of cells with the spreadsheet

Proofreading your cover letter and resume:
a) is essential since they should not contain any errors
b) is optional
c) is not essential since everyone makes mistakes
d) should be done after they are sent

One of the ways discussed in the Cyber Bullying video was to fight cyber bullying with three steps:
a) stop, insult, reply
b) stop, drop, and roll
c) stop, block, tell
d) start, open, stay quiet

As one of the nine elements of digital citizenship, the definition of Digital Commerce is:
a) electronic exchange of information
b) physical and psychological well-being in a digital technology world.
c) electronic standards of conduct or procedure
d) electronic buying and selling of goods

As one of the nine elements of digital citizenship, the definition of Digital Law is:
a) electronic precautions to guarantee safety
b) electronic responsibility for actions and deeds
c) electronic standards of conduct or procedure
d) electronic exchange of information

This class is called what?
a) Digital Tools and Communication
b) Digital Toys and Computers
c) Digital Tools and Computers
d) none of the above

When you convert you numbers spreadsheet into a PDF,
a) formulas show up clearly
b) graphs are shown more clearly
c) formulas contained in the spreadsheet are not shown
d) none of the above

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