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In PhotoShop, using the File>Place command creates a
a) regulary layer on top of the selected layer
b) shape layer
c) mask layer
d) smart object with import file's contents

What is the best file format to use for files with many layers & which should remain fully editable?
a) jpeg
b) tiff
c) psd
d) png

To make guides snap to ruler increments, which key would you hold down while dragging the guide?
a) Shift
b) Alt
c) Ctrl
d) Ctrl + Shift

To remove the last segment when drawing a selection with the magnetic lasso tool
a) Press the up arrow key
b) Press the Delete or Backspace key
c) Press the Esc key
d) Press the left arrow key

A channel can contain
a) Black and white only
b) 256 values of gray
c) Any color

To temporarily switch to the Hand Tool and move the image, which key would you hold down?
a) Shift
b) Spacebar
c) Ctrl key
d) Alt key

To display and hide the various panels, Photoshop recommends you go to which menu?
a) Select
b) View
c) Window
d) Image

How many channels does a CMYK images have?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Converting an image to black and white using the adjustment panel
a) Is not recommended
b) Creates an adjustment layer
c) Gives you little choice about how the image is converted
d) Discards the color information in the image permanently

To disable hyphenation in paragraph text, which panell would you use?
a) Layers
b) Styles
c) Paragraph
d) Chaaracter

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