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Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used:
a) to enhance editing capabilities on a document
b) to work only with images and photos
c) to represent documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, operating systems
d) to move files from different programs in order to edit them

In a denial of service attack, someone uses computer tricks to:
a) overload and shut down a company's Web site
b) assist a company to deny internet service
c) put pop up messages on a company's Web site
d) none of the above

A software program that acts as a barrier between a computer and the Internet to protect computers from unauthorized access:
a) Internet power inverter
b) A Firewall
c) Ram Protector
d) Microsoft Office security patch

Businesses and schools often require anyone using their computer systems to agree:
a) to use a firewall
b) an Accountable Use Policy (AUP)
c) an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
d) all the above

An AUP does not include:
a) rules for using an organization's Internet
b) rules for using an organization's computer system
c) time limitations on the use of software
d) none of the above

One example of an internet job search engine is:
b) apple pages job search
c) Bing
d) Google

Your MacBook utilizes:
a) Apple Programs
b) Hewlett Packard Software
c) Lynex Operating System
d) none of the above

A cover letter should be:
a) long and full of personal information
b) written in a leisure manner so the reader will like you
c) written as a story or essay about your life
d) short and to the point

Two spreadsheet software programs are:
a) Word and Pages
b) Exel and Word
c) Pages and Numbers
d) Exel and Numbers

The word processing program of Pages contain templates for:
a) both resumes and letters
b) letters, but not resumes
c) resumes, but not letters
d) neither resumes nor letters

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