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If Earth had no greenhouse effect, it would be ________.
a) hotter
b) colder
c) completely covered with water
d) the same as it is now

Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere make the Earth warmer because they __________ some of the heat that radiates away from Earth’s surface.
a) conduct
b) destroy
c) evaporate
d) trap

If the climate becomes warmer, sea levels will _______
a) rise, because of glaciers and ice sheets melting.
b) rise, because water expands when it gets warmer.
c) rise, both because of ice melting AND because of water expanding when it gets warmer.
d) fall, because hot water evaporates faster.

Geologic records provide evidence that Earth _______
a) was sometimes warmer in the past than it is now.
b) is warmer now than it has ever been before.
c) has always had the same climate as it has now.
d) was larger in the past than it is now.

Earth’s climate has changed due to ________.
a) continental drift
b) breaking up of large landmasses
c) changing amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere
d) ALL: continental drift, breaking up of landmasses, AND changing amounts of CO2

The discovery of fossils of tropical organisms such as palm trees in Antarctica indicates that _________
a) Antarctica used to be much warmer than it is now.
b) Palm trees used to thrive in freezing cold temperatures.
c) The fossils floated across the ocean from a warmer area to Antarctica.
d) The entire Earth used to be much colder than it is now.

Which of the following ideas can help explain why Antarctica used to have a much warmer climate than it has now?
a) Continental drift. Antarctica used to be closer to the Equator instead of at the South Pole.
b) Greenhouse effect. At some times in the past there was more CO2 in the atmosphere than there is now.
c) BOTH continental drift AND changing amount of CO2.
d) NEITHER continental drift NOR changing amounts of CO2.

The greenhouse effect ________
a) makes life on Earth possible, because without it Earth would be too cold for life to develop.
b) did not exist until humans started polluting the atmosphere.
c) can be completely eliminated if we stop using fossil fuels and switch to renewable energy.
d) exists only on Earth and not on any other planet.

Global warming is ______.
a) the same as the greenhouse effect
b) the opposite of the greenhouse effect
c) the rise in temperatures due to human activities making the sun hotter and closer to us
d) the rise in temperatures due to human activities increasing the greenhouse effect

If the Earth's climate has sometimes naturally been warmer in the past, then why is global warming considered to be a bad thing?
a) Because human societies are adapted for the climate that we have now.
b) Because if the climate gets warm again, dinosaurs will return and rule the Earth.
c) Because it was only 1 degree warmer in the past, but global warming will make it 100 degrees warmer.
d) No reason. Global warming is not a problem in any way.

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