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What is a letterhead?
a) The name of the business and company contact information. Located at the top of paper
b) A company logo
c) A header/footer that you add to your letter
d) Spot where you put your student name on the assignments

What are the margins for a business letter?
a) Top - 1, Sides - 1, Bottom - 1
b) Top - 1, Sides - 1, Bottom - 2
c) Top - 1, Sides -2, Bottom - 1
d) Top - 2, Sides - 1, Bottom - 1

How many Enters after the date?
a) SS
b) DS
c) TS
d) QS

Why do you have a QS after the closing?
a) Give writer a place to sign the letter
b) To take up space
c) You don't, it is a DS
d) To balance out the letter

Where is the Attention Line located?
a) Between Salutation and Body
b) Return Address
c) Letter Address
d) Body

What is required with USPS Letter Address Style?
a) All capitol letters in letter address
b) All capitol letters and no punctuation in letter address
c) No punctuation in letter address
d) All capitol letters and some punctuation in letter address

What is block format?
a) All parts of letter are left aligned
b) All parts of letter are left aligned and no paragraphs are indented
c) All parts of letter are right aligned and no paragraphs are indented
d) All parts of letter are right aligned

Reference initials refer to
a) Who typed the letter. A person who typed it other than the writer.
b) The person receiving a copy
c) The person who wrote the letter
d) The person receiving a blind copy

How many Enters below the writers name, is the copy notation located?
a) SS
b) DS
c) TS
d) QS

What is included in a second-page heading?
a) Addresee's name, page number
b) Addresee's name, date
c) Date, page number
d) Addresee's name, date, page number

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