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Which of these is an example of velocity?
a) 80 s/m
b) 16 m/s
c) 20 m/s west
d) 50 km/h east

What is combustibility?
a) the ability to react with acids
b) the ability to dissolve in water.
c) the ability to burn
d) the ability to conduct heat

What state of matter has a definite shape and volume?
a) plasma
b) solid
c) liquid
d) gas

Part of a chemical reaction is shown as CaO + CO . How many oxygen (O) atoms must be present in a product that forms from the reaction?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

What do you calculate when you divide distance by time?
a) acceleration
b) speed
c) position
d) direction

A roller coaster car has the LEAST kinectic energy when it is
a) halfway down a hill
b) just reaching the bottom of a hill
c) three-quarters of the way down the hill
d) at the top of a hill

Which of these waves requires a medium?
a) sound wave
b) light wave
c) infrared wave
d) ultraviolet wave

Why do you see a banana as yellow?
a) The banana absorbs wavelengths for most colors of light, while reflecting yellow light?
b) The banana absorbs wavelengths for yellow light, reflects wavelenghts for other colors of light.
c) The banana absorbs only yellow wavelengths of light, & the colors of all others are transmitted.
d) The banana does not absorb wavelengths for any color of light.

Why is the amount of energy that comes out of a machine always less than the amount of energy that goes into the machine?
a) At least some energy is stored as potential energy
b) At least some energy evaporates
c) At least some of the energy is destroyed
d) At least some energy is turned to heat

Which of the following occurs in an electromagnet?
a) Electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy
b) An electric current is used to generate a magnetic field
c) Mechanical energy is converted inot electrical energy
d) A magnetic field is used to generate an electric current

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