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What is the abbreviation of Arizona?
a) AZ
b) AN
c) AA
d) AR

What is the capital of Texas?
a) Austin
b) Santa Fe
c) Dallas
d) Houston

Which of the following is NOT something that the Southwest region and Michigan have in common?
a) Deserts
b) Beaches
c) Wetlands
d) Lakes

Which of the following does Michigan and the Southwest region have in common?
a) Wetlands
b) Mountains
c) Foothills
d) Oceans

Why did The Long Walk take place?
a) The US wanted to stop conflicts between the settlers and the Navajos.
b) It was 300 miles long.
c) The Navajo wanted to leave their land.
d) The US wanted the Navajo land to search for gold.

Which tribe was involved in The Long Walk?
a) The Navajo
b) The Sioux
c) The Naranganset
d) The Cherokee

What was the main cause of the Mexican-American War?
a) The US and Mexico did not agree on the border of Texas.
b) The two countries didn't like each other.
c) America took over Mexico's land.
d) Mexico took over America's land.

Which of the following is NOT true about the Navajo?
a) They had one leader for the whole tribe.
b) They lived in clans, or faimly groups.
c) They lived in homes called hogans.
d) They made blankets and baskets.

Why do many cities in the Southwest region have Spanish names?
a) Spain sent exploreres to this region to find gold.
b) It is close to Mexico.
c) Many people speak Spanish there.
d) None of the above.

What was The Long Walk?
a) When many Navajo were forced out of their land by the US government.
b) When the Navajo went on vacation.
c) TWhen the fourth graders walk from their classrooms to the playground.
d) When the Cherokee walked over 800 miles off of their land.

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