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Question Regarding Civil War And Reconstruction As It Deals With Virginia History.[print questions]

a) campaigned to end slavery
b) wanted slavery to stay in the United States
c) fought in the Civil War to keep slaves
d) campaigned to end slavery just for the whites

What did Nat Turner do?
a) led a raid on the United States Armory at Harpers Ferry.
b) played an important role in the First Battle of Bull Run.
c) led a revolt against plantation owners in Virginia.
d) surrendered at Appomattox Court House

Who played a major role in the First Battle of Bull Run?
a) General Robert E. Lee
b) General Thomas
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) General Ulysses S. Grant

In which battle did General Robert E. Lee defeat Union Troops?
a) Fredericksburg
b) Richmond
c) Appomattox Court House
d) Jamestown

Which state was formed due to the disagreements between the eastern counties of Virginia and the western counties of Virginia?
a) Kentucky
b) North Carolina
c) West Virginia
d) South Carolina

What was the name of the battle in which the result was a draw?
a) Union and Confederate
b) Richmond
c) Monitor and Merrimack
d) Fredericksburg

Where did the Civil War end?
a) Appomattox Court House
b) Richmond
c) Fredericksburg
d) Battle of Bull Run

What was the government agency that provided schools, food, and medical care for freed African Americans and others called?
a) Slave Bureau
b) Freedmen's Bureau
c) Freeslave's Bureau
d) Sharecropping

What was it called when freed men and poor farmers rented land from a landowner by promising to pay the owner with a share of their crop?
a) crop sharing
b) bartering
c) farming
d) sharecropping

Which of the following is not a way that Jim Crow laws affected the lives of African Americans and American Indians?
a) Unfair poll taxes and voting tests were established to keep African Americans from voting.
b) They were told they had to go live in another state.
c) African Americans found it very difficult to hold public office.
d) African Americans were forced to use separate poor quality services.

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