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What is the relationship between organisms in an environment?
a) adaptation
b) interaction
c) community
d) predator/prey

What is an animal without a backbone?
a) jelly
b) vertebrate
c) invertebrate

What is an abiotic element?
a) giraffe
b) rock
c) goat
d) calf

made of many cells
a) multicellular
b) single celled
c) large

plant or animal at an early stage of development
a) invertebrate
b) vertebrate
c) embryo
d) infant

organism that eats other organisms
a) consumer
b) carnivore
c) herbivore

animal that only eats plants
a) carnivore
b) herbivore
c) omnivore

a living factor in the environment
a) abiotic
b) biotic
c) animals

shows how energy in food flows from one organism to another
a) food web
b) food chain

characteristic that improves the individual's ability to survive and reproduce
a) niche
b) interaction
c) adaptation
d) embryo

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