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Good Technology skills will help you?
a) Work
b) Play
c) Communicate
d) all the above

What is the most important software on your computer
a) Operating System
b) Word Processing System
c) Keyboard
d) Mouse

Hardware includes physical parts of the computer such as the monitor, mouse, and keyboard.
a) True
b) False

All information stored on computers is in what format?
a) English
b) Numerical
c) Digital
d) Binary

An example of an input device?
a) monitor
b) printer
c) motherboard
d) keyboard

An example of an output device?
a) monitor
b) printer
c) motherboard
d) keyboard

A computer is made up of what two things?
a) Microsoft Word and Apple Pages
b) Hardware and Software
c) Monitor and Tower
d) Mouse and Keyboard

USB stands for:
a) United Serial Bundle
b) Unchanged Storage Bin
c) Unity Service Buyer
d) Universal Serial Bus

An example of a computer's hardware input device includes:
a) Printer
b) RAM & ROM
c) Digital Data
d) Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, & Scanner

The Apple Spreadsheet Software is called
a) Excel
b) Microsoft Word
c) Apple Numbers
d) Apple Pages

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