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The most penetratin type of radiation is the
a) alpha particle
b) beta particle
c) gamma ray
d) uranium

A helium nucleus with two protons and two neutrons is called a(n)
a) alpha particle
b) beta particle
c) gamma ray
d) quark

Negatively charged particles emiitted from a nucleus at a high speed are
a) alpha particles
b) quarks
c) gamma rays
d) beta particles

The process by which nuclei having low masses are united to form nuclei with large masses is
a) a chain reaction
b) nuclear fusion
c) nuclear fission
d) a chemical reaction

The splitting of the nucleus into two or more parts is called
a) a chemical reaction
b) nuclear fusion
c) nuclear fission
d) a chain reaction

One type of radioactive device that indicates the intensity of radiation with a clicking sound is a (an)
a) geiger counter
b) electroscope
c) cloud chamber
d) bubble chamber

The three types of nuclear radiation with increasing order of penetrating power are
a) alpha, gamma, beta
b) alpha, beta, gamma
c) beta, alpha, gamma
d) gamma, beta, alpha

Thorium-234 has a half-life of 24 days. If you started with a 100 g sample of thorium-234, how much would remain after 48 days?
a) 100 g
b) 50 g
c) 25 g
d) 10 g

Neutrons released in a fission reaction can strike other nuclei and cause
a) an electron reaction
b) a fusion reacion
c) a chemical reaction
d) a chain reaction

The minimum amount of fissionable material that is required for fission to occurr is called
a) the atomic mass
b) the critical mass
c) the essential mass
d) the activating mass

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