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Movement Of Ocean Water And Currents.[print questions]

Which current is off the east coast of the US, bringing warm water toward the poles?
a) Gulf Stream
b) California Current
c) North Equatorial current
d) North Atlantic current

Which current is off the west coast of the US, bringing cooler water from the poles?
a) Gulf Stream
b) California current
c) West wind drift
d) Brazil current

What current circumvents the globe? (Goes all the way around the world?)
a) Gulf Stream
b) South Equatorial current
c) West Wind Drift
d) North Pacific current

Why are there no polar bears in England?
a) The gulf stream brings warm water and warm temperatures to the northern latitude.
b) There are no penguins for them to eat
c) England is too close to the equator
d) The ocean is heated by the canary current.

Which describes El Nino?
a) Worldwide drought for years
b) Areas of the earth receive extreme weather conditions such as flooding, droughts, hurricanes, etc.
c) Calm weather conditions in all coastal regions
d) Abundance of fish, especially off the coast of South America

What causes surface currents?
a) Wind
b) Fish swimming the same way
c) Rotation of the earth
d) Revolution of the earth

What do surface currents have to do with our weather
a) They make everything warmer
b) They make everything cooler
c) Nothing
d) They make some places cooler and some warmer depending on the current that flows by them

What direction do currents move in the Northern Hemisphere
a) Clockwise
b) Counterclockwise
c) Right
d) Left

What is NOT a reason for currents to change direction?
a) Continent
b) Coriolis Effect
c) El Nino
d) Evaporation

How many major gyres (circular patterns) are there for surface currents, worldwide?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

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