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A group of citizens who review the prosecutor's case to determine if the accused should go on trial is a
a) federal jury
b) petit jury
c) hung jury
d) grand jury

A jury decision is a
a) verdict
b) petty offense
c) felony
d) bench trial

A trial without a jury is a
a) felony
b) criminal justic system
c) verdict
d) bench trial

Serious crimes are called
a) bench trials
b) felonies
c) petty offenses
d) verdicts

Minor crimes are called
a) petty offenses
b) felonies
c) verdicts
d) bench trials

The courts, judges, lawyers, police and prisons make up the
a) bench trials
b) felonies
c) verdicts
d) criminal justice system

About 90 percent of all criminal cases end with a guilty plea because of
a) arraignments
b) plea bargaining
c) hung juries
d) grand jury indictment

In this proceeding, the judge reads the formal charge against the defendant.
a) arraignment
b) plea bargaining session
c) grand jury
d) sentence

If a jury is unable to make a decision, it is called a
a) grand jury
b) hung jury
c) petit jury
d) verdict

The punishment to be imposed on a guilty defendant is called a
a) verdict
b) felony
c) sentence
d) misdemeanor

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