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What continents did the Greek culture spread along?
a) Europe, Africa and Asia
b) Europe, Africa and America
c) America, Africa and Asia
d) , Africa, Oceania and Asia

When did the communities begin to join together to form poleis?
a) At the end of the Metal age
b) At the end of the Bronze age
c) At the end of the Iron age
d) At the beginning of the Iron age

Where did they stablish the colonies?
a) Around the Black Sea
b) Around the Mediterranean Sea
c) Around the Peloponnese
d) Around Crete island

When was democracy stablished in Athens?
a) 4th century and part of the 5th century
b) 4th century and part of the 3th century
c) 3th century and part of the 4th century
d) 5th century and part of the 4th century

Phillip II conquered Greece. Who was his son?
a) Pericles
b) Alexander the Great
c) Hermes
d) Amenhotep

What were the main crops they cultivated?
a) Vines and olives
b) corn and olives
c) Vines and potatoes
d) Potatoes and corn

What did they use to pay?
a) Gold coins
b) Iron coins
c) Silver coins
d) Salt

Where the Olympic Games take place?
a) Stadiums
b) Gymnasiums
c) Hippodromes
d) Olympia city

Who was the supreme god of Greece?
a) Poseidon
b) Apollo
c) Zeus
d) Dionysus

What are the three styles of Greek architecture?
a) Romanesque, Ionic and Corinthian
b) Doric, Ionic and Corinthian
c) Doric, Ionic and Romanesque
d) Doric, Romanesque and Corinthian

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