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This subphylum contains arthropods that secrete gastric juices into their prey which dissolve the internal organs so that the predator can drink them.
a) Crustacea
b) Chelicerata
c) Myriapoda
d) Hexapoda

Hexapods have ___ body segments and ____ legs.
a) 3 and 6
b) 2 and 6
c) 3 and 6
d) 3 and 8

Which subphylum contains organisms that have gills or exchange oxygen through their exoskeleton?
a) Hexapoda
b) Chelicerata
c) Crustacea
d) Myriapoda

Which statement is true about the difference between male and female crayfish?
a) Males have larger chelipeds.
b) Males first set of swimmerets are enlarged.
c) Males have a crescent shape between the ventral side of their carapace and abdomen.
d) Males have larger antennas.

The word amphibia means

The first animals on land were
a) amphibians
b) reptiles
c) marsupials
d) mammals

Amphibians can have a variety of ways with which they can respires. This may include the use of
a) gills
b) lungs
c) skin
d) All of the above

Amphibians that are legless and blind generally fall in which order?
a) Anura
b) Urodela
c) Apoda
d) Caecillians

a) have large eyes for seeing in the dark
b) prey on organisms that live in the soil.
c) deposit their eggs in water to be fertilized.
d) Both (b) and (c)

a) have dry, scaly skin.
b) all have lungs as adults.
c) may have internal or external fertilization.
d) All of the above

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