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Animal Review 1.[print questions]

Which of the following is not a characteristic of animals?
a) heterotrophic
b) multicellular
c) lacking vertebrae
d) lacking cell walls

Most animals have a head that is located at the ____ end of their body and a tail that is located at the ____ end of their body.
a) ventral; dorsal
b) anterior; posterior

Your eyes are ______________ to your mouth.
a) anterior
b) posterior
c) superior
d) inferior

If a human was standing in anatomical position you would say that their fingernails are ____________ to their fingertips.
a) anterior
b) posterior
c) dorsal
d) inferior

An example of an organism with rotational/radial symmetry would be a
a) butterfly
b) sea sponge
c) sea anemone
d) a human body

Which of the following letters would generally be considered to have both rotational and reflection symmetry?
a) X
b) C
c) N
d) P

Which type of skeleton uses water pressure to provide support
a) exoskeleton
b) hydrostatic skeleton
c) endoskeleton
d) All of the above

Which body system coordinates responses and behavior
a) nervous system
b) digestive system
c) circulatory system
d) respiratory system

Which of the following is best described as a group of organs that work together?
a) an organism
b) a tissue
c) an organ system
d) a population

Skeletal systems provide all of the following except
a) absorption of nutrients from food
b) protection for internal organs
c) a framework for supporting the body
d) a framework for muscles to pull against

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