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The sum of all chemical reactions that take place within an organism is known as
a) evolution
b) reproduction
c) circulation
d) metabolism

A structure that carries a single unit of hereditary information is a
a) gene
b) pedigree chart
c) sex cell
d) tissue

Which process involves choosing certain organisms reproduce with one another in order to pass on specific, desirable traits to their offspring?
a) selective breeding
b) natural selection
c) resource aquisition
d) asexual reproduction

Which human organ system produces most of the hormones that regulate body fuctions?
a) Digestive
b) Endocrine
c) Muscular
d) Nervous

In living things, traits are passed on from one generation to the next by the transfer of
a) blood
b) DNA
c) caleries
d) minerals

The fur of the snowshoe rabbit changes to a lighter color in the winter. This allows the rabbit to survive in its surroundings. This change is an example of
a) extinction
b) ecological succession
c) biological adaptation
d) competition

Abnormal cell division in humans may result in
a) cancer
b) dynamic equalibrium
c) asexual resproduction
d) fertilization

Worm, cat, spider, crab: What do all four animals have in common?
a) They reproduce asexually
b) They have the same internal structures
c) They have similar means of locomotion
d) They are composed of cells

During which process do cells use oxygen to release stored energy?
a) photosynthesis
b) digestion
c) circulation
d) respiration

The basic life functions of an organism are carried on by
a) cells
b) hormones
c) atoms
d) nutrients

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