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First Degree Equations And Solutions.[print questions]

"Solve the equation 3x-2= 2x-4"
a) "x=-2"
b) "x=6/5"
c) "x=2"
d) "x=6"

" x=2 is the solution of the equation..."
a) "3x+5=11"
b) "2x=5"
c) "4-3x=2x"
d) "5x=-10"

"Solve the equation 3x+2=0"
a) " x= -2/3"
b) "x=-3/2"
c) "x=2/3"
d) "x=3/2"

"Chose the expression that is not an equation, but an identity"
a) "2(3x-4)= 6x-6-2"
b) "5x=3x+5"
c) "2x-3= 2(x-3)"
d) "3x+3= 3(x-1)"

"solve the equation 3x+2= 3(x-3)"
a) " No solution"
b) "x=1"
c) "x=2/3"
d) "x=-7"

"Chose the first degree equation"
a) "3x-5= 2x"
b) "2x+4= 2(x+2)"
c) "A=b ยท h"
d) " 2xy=6"

"Solve the equation 3(x-2)= 2(2x-6)+1"
a) "x=5"
b) "x=2"
c) "x=-5"
d) "x=-2"

"x=0 is the solution of the equation....."
a) "3x+4= 2(x+2)"
b) "3x+5=0"
c) "3x-2=3x+6"
d) "2x=3"

"Find the solution of the equation 3x=0"
a) "x=0"
b) "x=3"
c) "x=-3"
d) "without solution"

"x= 3/4 is the solution of the equation"
a) " 4x-3=0"
b) " 4x=-3"
c) "3x=4"
d) "2x=6"

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