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In the Middle Ages, the "Plague" was a _______________ problem
a) Health
b) Weather
c) Insects
d) Terror

According to our newspaper obituaries, how many people died in Camelot?
a) two
b) one
c) three
d) none

Which song is number 5 in the top music in Camelot?
a) Bara Arthur Bere
b) I have the white armor
c) Dragoon without wings
d) Ai ' eu mi moza

Which piece of clothes is the latest trend in fashion for ladies?
a) Helmets
b) Veils
c) Long skirts
d) robes

Which creature did Countess Eleanor see?
a) An elf
b) A dwarf
c) A dragon
d) An ogre

Who did Lord Cynion propose to?
a) Lady Emmeline
b) Lady Hummer
c) Lady Birdie
d) Lady Guinevere

What is Lancelot scared of?
a) ants
b) dragons
c) spiders
d) death

Which of these dishes was NOT served at the kings' feast?
a) Violet petals pudding
b) Lombard potage
c) Venison in broth
d) Parsley salad

In the Horoscopes prediction, which of these signs has the worst of lucks?
a) Aries
b) Leo
c) Virgo
d) Saggittarius

What's the weather going to be in Camelot tomorrow?
a) windy and rainy
b) nice and sunny
c) terribly hot
d) stormy

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