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Who inspired him?
a) President Obama
b) John Hancock
c) Albert Einstein
d) Professor Lucifer Gorgonzola Butts

What is his whole given name?
a) Reuben John Goldberg
b) Reuben Larry Goldberg
c) Reuben Lucius Goldberg
d) Reuben Sue Goldberg

When was he born?
a) January 4, 1883
b) June 4, 1883
c) July 4, 1883
d) December 4, 1883

Where is he buried?
a) Golden Acres Cemetery
b) Sunnyside Cemetery
c) Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
d) Green Fields Cemetery

Where did he work after college?
a) Amarillo Globe News
b) San Francisco Chronicle
c) New York Times
d) Castro County News

In what year did Rube Goldberg die?
a) 1980
b) 1950
c) 1970
d) 1990

What was his college degree in?
a) engineering
b) art
c) education
d) history

What society was he president of?
a) National Artist Society
b) National Sculptors' Society
c) National Cartoonists' Society
d) National Inventors' Society

Who were his first cartoon characters?
a) Mike and Ike
b) Bob and Sue
c) Don and John
d) Ben and Swen

What prize did he win and when?
a) Cartoonist Prize, 1975
b) Art Prize, 1970
c) Nobel Peace Prize, 1956
d) Pulitzer Prize, 1948

What part of speech is his name?
a) verb
b) adjective
c) preposition
d) pronoun

What institution held an exhibit of his drawings?
a) The Smithsonian
b) Science Spectrum
c) Discovery Center
d) Panhandle Museum

What did he change his sons' last names to?
a) Gonzales
b) Green
c) Garcia
d) George

What college did he graduate from?
a) West Texas A M
b) Oklahoma University
c) University of California, Berkeley
d) Texas Tech University

What cartoon did he win the Pulitzer Prize for?
a) Mike and Ike
b) Peace Today
c) Tom and Jerry
d) Soup to Nuts

What award was named after him?
a) the Reuben Award
b) the Gold-T Square
c) the Pulitzer Prize
d) the Cartoonist Award

What are his wife and kids' names?
a) Sue, John, and Mark
b) Irma, Thomas, and John
c) Irma, Bob, and George
d) Irma, Thomas, and George

How old was he when he died?
a) 56
b) 87
c) 100
d) 50

Which high school did he attend?
a) Dimmitt
b) Silverton
c) Lowell
d) River Road

When did he begin drawing?
a) age 5
b) age 10
c) age 8
d) age 4

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