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What is the name of the device that measures wind speed?
a) anemometer
b) barometer
c) psychrometer
d) wind vane

What does a barometer measure?
a) air pressure
b) temperature
c) wind direction
d) wind speed

Which device measures air temperature?
a) thermometer
b) wind vane
c) barometer
d) anemometer

Which device traditionally looked like a rooster, but more commonly looks like an arrow to point to a direction?
a) wind vane
b) anemometer
c) psychrometer
d) barometer

Which device measure the percentage of humidity in the air?
a) Psychrometer or Hygrometer
b) Barometer
c) Thermometer
d) Anemometer

What would not be a good label for the measurement you get from an anemometer?
a) percentage
b) miles per hour
c) kilometers per hour
d) feet per second

Which device measures rain amount?
a) rain gauge
b) anemometer
c) barometer
d) hygrometer or psychrometer

What device measures snow amount?
a) ruler
b) rain gauge
c) anemometer
d) barometer

What is the label for measuring relative humidity?
a) percentage
b) inches of mercury
c) degrees celcius
d) miles per hour

What device measures wind directions
a) wind vane
b) anemometer
c) rain gauge
d) barometer

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