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Name the 7 art elements?
a) line, shape, space, color, value, harmony, dog ears
b) line, shape, space, color value, form, pattern
c) line, shape, space, color, value, form, texture
d) Harmony, pattern, emphasis, movement, unity, balance

Art elements are the foundation of creating art.
a) true
b) false

Meaning: A pathway of points
a) shape
b) color
c) space
d) line

meaning: Closed lines
a) shape
b) color
c) unity
d) contrast

meaning: Made when the light hits a spectrum
a) color
b) line
c) pattern
d) texture

How a surface feels or looks
a) pattern
b) color
c) contrast
d) texture

The positive and negative area in and around your art
a) rythmn
b) unity
c) space
d) donkey tongues

The light and dark of a color
a) value
b) pattern
c) elf toes
d) Dominick's left pinkie

3D shapes, shapes that are not flat
a) triangle
b) color
c) form
d) value

Which art elements uses Line?
a) line, color , texture, form, value,
b) space, color
c) color, texture, form
d) space, line

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