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Which software program is a full-featured desktop publishing program that allows you to create professional-looking publications and revise them easily?
a) Word
b) Publisher
c) OneNote
d) Outlook

Which area is located at the top left and provides convenient, one-click access to frequently used commands?
a) scroll bars
b) title bar
c) Quick Access toolbar
d) status bar

How are the Ribbon commands separated for logical placement?
a) sections
b) groups
c) boxes
d) submenus

Which is the quick one key access to publisher help?
a) F1
b) F2
c) F4
d) F8

How does Publisher refer to single page announcements that annouce personal, business, or other messages?
a) Handout
b) Document
c) letter
d) flyer

What is the appearance and shape of letters, numbers, and special characters that appear in a publication called?
a) typeface
b) font
c) typestyle
d) lettering

Which is an object in a publication designed to hold text in a specific shape, size and style?
a) Shape
b) textbox
c) image
d) text area

Which ribbon in publisher 2010 contains the command to auotmatically increase the font size?
a) Home
b) insert
c) page design
d) format

Which group on the Home ribbon provides commands for modifying the typeface of a publication?
a) format
b) paragraph
c) font
d) arrange

Which handle is used to resize a graphic proportionately in a publication?
a) Any corner
b) bottom
c) top
d) any side

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