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Microsoft Word is what common type of application software?
a) Presentation
b) Text edition
c) Spreadsheet
d) Word Processing

Where is the zoom control slider located?
a) View Ribbon
b) Home Ribbon
c) Status Bar
d) Title bar

Where are the commands that adjust paragraph and line spacing in a document located?
a) The Home ribbon in the spacing group
b) The page layout ribbon in the spacing group
c) The page layout ribbon in the spacing group
d) The home ribbon in the paragraph

Which command on the page layout ribbon enables the user to control the way the document prints on the page?
a) Print
b) page setup
c) print setup
d) printing

Where does Mircosoft word temporarily store copied information until it is pasted elsewhere?
a) Pasteboard
b) clipboard
c) cutboard
d) copyboard

When microsoft word 2010 marks a sentence in the document with a green wavy underline, what is indicated?
a) possible grammatical error
b) synonym is available
c) antyonym is available
d) possible spelling error

Which dialog box is used to quickly locate a specific phrase in a document?
a) Search and replace
b) word search
c) Character search
d) Find and replace

What are the dots added for emphasis to a list of items?
a) Bullets
b) Pellets
c) Points
d) Marks

When items in a list need to stay in a certain order, which type of emphasis will be used?
a) Bullets
b) symbols
c) Marks
d) numbers

What feature allows users to have lists of information in horizontal rows and veritcal columns?
a) Numberical list
b) table
c) List area
d) grid area

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