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Which of the following terms refers to combining multiple objects into single object?
a) joined
b) clustered
c) grouped
d) assembled

Which command enables a user to choose from a wide range of animation options?
a) animation pane
b) trigger
c) add animation
d) animation painter

When working with tqables in slides, what is applied to a table in order to format the borders around the table and cells and to select a color scheme for the table?
a) table them
b) table style
c) table layout
d) table template

Which ribbon provides the command to split selected cells in a table into multiple cells?
a) insert
b) table tools design
c) table tools layout
d) design

Which effect addes interest to a slide show and focuses audience attention on important points by adding entrances, emplasis, motion paths, or exits to text or objects?
a) transitions
b) animation
c) dynamic
d) smartart

What is the coordinated set of colors, fonts, and other design elements that are applied to components of a presentation called?
a) background
b) transitions
c) theme
d) animations

What is the purpose of using the corner resizing handles to resize a graphic?
a) to have access to Picture tools while resizing
b) to resize and recolor the graphic simultaneously
c) to incrementally resize the graphic
d) to proportionately resize the graphic

When printing a presentation, which print setting enables multiple slides to be printed on one page?
a) full page slides
b) notes page
c) outline
d) handouts

Which comman is used to insert a cound clip into a slide?
a) sound
b) music
c) play
d) audio

What is the link location within the same presentation, a different presentation, or a page on the World Wide Web called?
a) objective
b) mark
c) goal
d) targe

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