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What appears on a slide to indicate there is a note or remark about the slide and teh initals of the person who made the note?
a) comment thumbnail
b) remark thumbnail
c) statement thumbnail
d) reference thumbnail

which command on the Insert ribbon is used to place an image from your storage device into a presentation?
a) picture
b) clipart
c) screenshot
d) photo album

Which of the following describes the process of determining a presentation's purpose of determining a presentation's purpose and target audience, the type of presntation necessary?
a) creating the presentation
b) planning
c) editing
d) delivering

Which of the following is a predetermined way of organinzing objects on a slide including title text and other content?
a) design
b) scheme
c) layout
d) plan

When an image is selected, which ribbon appears at the top of the Microsoft PowerPoint Window?
a) design
b) format
c) picture tools format
d) design tools format

What type of slide show is created to display only selected slides duirng a presentation?
a) hidden
b) broadcast
c) narrated
d) custom

When a graphic is selected which option on the shortcut menu is used to alter the color of the image?
a) edit picture
b) change picture
c) size and position
d) format picture

Which command is used to test animations on a slide before delivering the presentation?
a) rehearse
b) preview
c) test
d) review

Which type of text may be formatted to print at the top of every page?
a) notes
b) references
c) header
d) caption

Which term refers to the small circles and squares that appear on each corner and side of an active text box?
a) movement buttons
b) sizing handles
c) size buttons
d) alignment points

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