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What is the name of the view in the File tavb that enables a user to manage files and data about files, and find frequently used features for managing PP files?
a) normal
b) backstage
c) background
d) edit

Which command is used to remove any unwanted parts of a picture in a slide?
a) crop
b) cut
c) draw
d) amend

When creating a custom slide show, which dialog box enables a user to select individual slides to include in the custom slide show?
a) choose slide
b) add slide
c) format slide show
d) define custom show

Which ribbon contains the command in the Insert a text box placeholder on a slide?
a) home
b) insert
c) drawing
d) design

If you include more text in a slide than will fit in the slide placeholder, which PP feature adjusts the line spacing and font size of the text to accomodate it?
a) autosize
b) autocorrect
c) autofit
d) autoentry

Which commonly used animation effect makes text on a slide appear in teh presentation
a) motion
b) emphasis
c) entrance
d) exit

Which tab shows a multilevel list of the titles and text of each slide in the presentation?
a) notes
b) slides
c) outline
d) file

What area in the window contains the Quick Access Toolbar, filename, and window control buttons?
a) status bar
b) title bar
c) scroll bar
d) slides pane

What is applied to text or an image in a slide that enables a user to jump to a new location by clicking on the text or image?
a) Hyperlink
b) Website
c) Connection
d) Association

Which term refers to the various degrees of lighness and darkness of the colors in a graphic?
a) grayscale
b) watermark
c) color saturation
d) color tone

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