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What command is used to quit the current presentation on screen but lave the PowerPoint 2010 program open?
a) exit
b) close
c) save
d) save as

Which ribbon contains commands that apply an entrance effect to a selected chart?
a) animations
b) chart tools design
c) chart tools layout
d) transitions

Which type of text may be formatted to print at the bottom of every page?
a) caption
b) notes
c) endnotes
d) footer

Which group on the Home ribbon contains commands for inserting various shapes into a presentation?
a) drawing
b) editing
c) font
d) paragraph

What is inserted into a slide to illustrate and compare data from a spreadsheet?
a) graph
b) image
c) chart
d) diagram

Which option indicates that a presentation should wait for a mouse click prior to moving to the next slide?
a) after
b) duration
c) on mouse click
d) after mouse click

What are the small circles and squares called that surround a picture that has been inserted into a slide?
a) sizing handles
b) control buttons
c) adjustment levers
d) rotation handle

Which ribbon includes the command to create presentation slides from an outline?
a) home
b) insert
c) design
d) slide show

What is the name of the view in the File tav that enables a user to manage files & data about files, & find frequently used features for managing PP files?
a) normal
b) backstage
c) background
d) edit

Which command is used to remove any unwanted parts of a picture in a slide?
a) crop
b) cut
c) draw
d) amend

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