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Typically which is the first type of slide placed in a presentation?
a) Blank Slide
b) Title only
c) Title slide
d) Section Header

What is the state of a selected text box or placeholder when a user can make modifications?
a) Inactive
b) On
c) Live
d) Dynamite

Which presentation view enables a user to view one slide at a time in the Slide Pane?
a) Normal
b) Slide Sorter
c) Notes Page
d) Reading

What feature automatically revises typing errors based upon information contained in Micarosfot Office 2010's standard dictionary?
a) Autofix
b) AutoCorrect
c) AutoSpell
d) Auto Text

What area contains the command to automatically advance slides during a slide show?
a) Insert ribbon, Slide show group
b) Transitions Ribbon, Timing group
c) ANimations ribbon, timing group
d) slide show ribbon, timing group

What is the text that appears on every slide but depending on the them applied may not always appear at the bottom of a slide?
a) Notes
b) margin
c) border
d) footer

When a sound clip is selected for a slide, which ribbon appears to allow a user to change the way the sound clip appears?
a) audio tools slide show
b) audio tools format
c) audio tools design
d) audio tools playback

What is the intersection of a column and a row called?
a) Cell
b) Box
c) Connector
d) Block

To add information about an illustration in a slide, which of the following describes a text box with a line between the text box and the illustration?
a) balloon
b) marker
c) tag
d) callout

Which text alignment command aligns text with both the left and right amrgins of a slide including adding additional space between words as needed?
a) left
b) right
c) center
d) justify

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