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Which European country made voyages of discovery along West Africa?
a) Portugal
b) England
c) Spain
d) France

The kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and the Songhai are in what part of Africa?
a) West Africa
b) North Africa
c) East Africa
d) South Africa

Which of the following were the specializations of the New England region?
a) fishing and shipbuilding
b) livestock and grains
c) cash crops and plantations
d) indigo and cotton

What was a specialization of the Southern region
a) tobacco
b) fish
c) wood
d) grain

What colony was settled by Quakers who wanted freedom to practice their religion without interference?
a) Pennsylvannia
b) Plymouth
c) Massachusetts Bay
d) Jamestown

What colony was settled by debtors who hoped to experience economic freedom in the New World?
a) Georgia
b) Roanoke Island
c) Jamestown
d) Louisiana

What type of person was a craftsmen who built a specific thing?
a) artisan
b) farmer
c) plantation owner
d) woman

What type of person made a contract to work in return for passage to the colonies?
a) indentured servants
b) enslaved African Americans
c) free African Americans
d) farmers

Which of the following is an example of an economic relationship between Great Britain and the colonies?
a) Great Britain imposed strict control over trade
b) the colonies had no representation in Parliament
c) Britain controlled colonial legislatures
d) Britain appointed colonial governors

Why did the Proclamation of 1763 anger the colonists?
a) it restricted the western movement of settlers
b) it taxed the colonists
c) Britain controlled colonial legislatures
d) colonists had to trade their raw materials for British manufactured goods

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